Canvas Creatures Policies


All of our illustrations are hand drawn by graphic designers using the digital software, Adobe Illustrator. Our products are personalised and custom designs and products which means we cannot reuse or resell products or designs. Because of the time it takes to create each new illustration and because of the nature of the custom products that we create, we have created a list of our policies. Please familiarise yourself with our policies.



Canvas Creatures has a no exchange or return policy due to the custom nature of products provided. However, if a defective or incorrect product is sent to a customer, a new one will be reprinted and shipped out.


Refund Policy

Refunds will only be permitted before the product has been printed. If for any reason the customer is not happy with the experience or with the graphic design, before you send it to printing, a full refund may be permitted. However, once a purchase has been made, there is a 10-day window for communication for refunds. If no response is given within 10 business days, refunds will no longer be permitted.


Image Provided Policy

We use the photos provided as a template when creating the illustration. This means the colour and the shape will be taken from the original photo and it is the customers responsibility to ensure the photo they provide is adequate as per our best practices guide.

If the customer isn’t happy with the design based on the quality of the image provided Canvas Creatures will charge a design fee of £15 or $20 prior to a refund being issued.


Revisions Policy

Canvas Creatures offer unlimited revisions on design work before it is approved and printed. In the event revisions are requested once the product is printed there will be no refund. If the customer wants to change the image for design work at this stage there will be a fee charged for a change of image; see change of image policy.


Change of Image Policy

If the customer wants to change the image provided after the order has been made this will incur an additional fee and must be paid prior to additional artwork commencing.


Colour Policy

We make every effort to apply the colours on screen as close as possible to the colours of the finished products you’ll receive. However, we cannot guarantee an exact match in colours from the screen with in-person products. The representation of colours, and textures are limited and may vary due to technology and printing settings.


Customs Disclaimer

Canvas Creatures doesn’t cover any customs or duty fees involved with International Orders. Customs are entitled to hold Canvas Creatures product for various reasons and as such direct communication with them is advised.