Making Sure Your Portrait Is Perfect!

To help ensure we get your portrait right first time we've put together some handy tips to help you to choose your photo. All of our designs are drawn, by hand, in Adobe Illustrator. We use your photo to trace the image and to choose the colours. This is why it's important to send us a photo which accurately shows your pet's shape and colour.


Follow these steps and we'll be able to make a Perfect Pet Portrait!


It's important that your photo accurately represents the colour of your pet. We don't know what colour your pet is so we use the colour from the photo to choose when we are drawing your design. If there is a lot of shadow then your pet will look dark, if there is a bright light or if the photo has a filter on it then the colour can appear distorted. Make sure that the colour in the photo is how you want your pet to look.


Make sure your pet is well lit, using neutral lighting.


Our best portraits work when we have a photo of your pet in a standard portrait position. So that's from eye level with the head and upper body showing. This is our standard portrait and we always get great results.

Avoid photos from above. We can use these photos but they often make your pet look like they are floating. We don't include anything other than your pet so be aware of this when choosing the photo.

So best photos are from straight on at eye level.

Show Your Pet Clearly

Make sure your pet isn't covered by anything and that your pet is fully in the photo. Because we draw your portait using your photo as a guide we will not include anything that isn't in the photo. So if your pups ear is off shot then it will not be in the photo. Likewise, if you are holding your cat and covering part of it with your arms then we will also struggle to include the bits that are being covered.

Make sure your pet is is unobstructed and clearly visible.